Ken Keirns


Ken Keirns is a Northern California artist who grew up in Flint, Michigan. After spending nearly a decade in Chicago, Ken moved out West in late 2007 to paint full-time and complain about the lack of snow. While his primary focus has been working with oil paint, he has been known to deliver the odd sculpture, toy prototype or mixed media piece. His recurrent subject matter revolves around cranially endowed women and monkeys interlaced with personal experiences, dreams, and the occasional bad pun.

Ken’s education was in graphic design. He only took a few formal painting classes — he is mostly self-taught through research and trial & error.

Birth Place: Michigan
Current Residence: California
Education: Some
Press & Publications: Hi Fructose, Spectrum, Dot Dot Dash, Crazy4Cult Cult Movie Art, The New Mythology Exhibition Book, Pop Surrealism: What a Wonderfool World
Genre: Fine Art and Low Brow
TTP Debut: June 05, 2011

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