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Make Your Area Rug Your Focal Point

Make Your Area Rug Your Focal Point

An area rug is a versatile piece of interior design that can make the room feel warmer, bigger or just add some color to it.  You have a wide variety of materials, designs and colors to work with.  You can make your area rug your focal point and design the rest of the room around them.  You can have a conversation area in the middle of a big room that provides warmth and texture rather than hard floors under your feet.

Benefits of Using an Area Rug

If you get an oval or round rug it can balance all the square elements in your room.  It is perfect to create the illusion of a bigger space, especially when you have a smaller room.  Area rugs are ideal for condos or apartment living and round rugs can soften the space.  You can play around with textures and colors that complement the flooring underneath.  If you have a large room you can create an intimate conversation area that is both warm and inviting.  Area rugs can create a high end designer appearance without the expense of hiring a high end designer.

Choosing the Perfect Area Rug

With a round area rug you have more options to change the look of your space, it is easier to invoke a sense of symmetry and balance within your surroundings.  If you opt to use a rounded area rug as the focal point of the room then find one that has a design in the center.  If your rug won’t be the focal point then look for one that has a softer pattern or even a solid color.  If you have bold patterned furniture or window coverings then again a softer style of area rug will work better.

If you want to make your room look larger then pick an area rug with big and bold patterns.  You can choose something with an abstract design or something floral to make it work.  If you want a rug to work with your existing furniture then take fabric or paint swatches with you when you are shopping for a rug.  Measure out your room and the area that you want to put the rug to make sure you don’t get something too big or too small.  Check with the store to make sure that you can return the rug if it doesn’t work with your décor.

You can easily make your area rug your focal point of the design in your living room.  You have so many options as to size, color and patterns.…

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