Defining Your Space with Area Rugs

September 20, 2018 Off By Bennett

Open floor plans are beautiful and many newer homes are constructed with open floor plans, but sometimes it can be hard to define the space.  Without walls to distinguish the living room from the kitchen or dining area everything can kind of drift together.  There is an easy fix to that, you can lay out how the room is supposed to look by using area rugs.  Defining your space with area rugs creates the illusion of separate spaces without the need for dividers or walls.

Using Matching Rugs

With using area rugs in an open floor plan if you use a different style of rug to define each space then it can get busy and distracting.  On the other hand if you use rugs that match only in different sizes you can separate the space while maintaining harmony.  If matching rugs can seem, well…a bit boring then you can avoid that issue by putting the same bold rugs on opposite sides of the space.  This way you can have different patterns without them clashing or all being the same, use a neutral style of rug in the middle.  The neutral colored rug should be in the same color palette to give the feeling of congruity.  Here is some help defining that open floor plan.

Try Different but Solid Colors

You can use different colored rugs if you work with solid colors.  You may still want them in the same color palette to maintain the fluidity of open concept design.  For instance if you use a rich yellow or gold in the dining room then an an area rug of burnt orange will go beautifully to define the space in the living area.

Using Runners

Instead of dividing the space with walls you can beautiful runners as well.  You can get them in varying lengths and patterns and they are incredibly versatile if you decide to rearrange the furniture.  If you have an intimate seating area in the living room then a runner that goes behind your couch or chairs can effectively divide off the area.

Area rugs can be so much more than just a means to keep your feet warm, they are pieces or art combined with function.  They can be a focal point in your room, a splash of color and character or used to mark off the spaces in your home.  Find a reputable rug dealer that help you choose the perfect rug for your home.