Andrea D’Aquino


Andrea D’Aquino was born in New York City.

She is an experienced art director and graphic designer having worked in all mediums from print, to film and video, to digital. Projects ranging from the New York Times to Giorgio Armani, Elle magazine and so many more.

Her work has been awarded by The Society of Ilustrators, American Illustration and the Type Director’s Club.

Andrea lives with her schnauzer, Marcello Bonaparte Von Flughelhorn Mastroianni Duchamp Cauliflower della Lichtenstien Jones.

More of her work is at:

Andrea is grateful to have been exposed to everything from Medieval art to Marcel Duchamp to Mark Rothko. From Fiorrucci, Fellini and Flemish portraits to the Partridge Family and Planet of the Apes. From Bananarama to Blondie to Jordache Jeans to the Jane Fonda Workout. Herbal Essences shampoo and Bonnie Bell Lipsmackers to JD Salinger and Hieronymous Bosch, Serge Gainsbourg, Soul Train and Jan Van Eyck. She forgot to mention Yellow Submarine and ….
Think we’ve covered that above. They all live together in my mind.
Birth Place: New York City
Current Residence: west village, nyc
Education: BFA
Genre: Fine Art and Illustration
TTP Debut: May 08, 2012

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