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Bryan Holland on TTP: New Artist Spotlight

October 19th, 2011 | By: Ben

This week we’re featuring Bryan Holland, a Minnesota native and mixed media artist who is relatively new on the Thumbtack Press scene. Bryan’s work is steeped in cultural references and explores a variety of artistic mediums. Though his aesthetic is heavily influenced by vintage art, his skillful collage combine with it to add a modern, fresh twist. Bryan was gracious enough to tell us a little bit more about himself and his work.

Megan: As a mixed media artist, what assortment of mediums do you use to create your work?

Bryan: Lately the majority of my work has been primarily oil, acrylic and collage (i.e., various types of printed paper such as maps, dress patterns, wrapping paper), though in the past my work has included pencil, colored pencil, pen, wood glue, plaster, spackling, oil bars, wax medium, wood, metal, print fabric, peg board, spray paint, and Plexiglas.

Megan: Birds feature prominently in many of your pieces. What do birds signify to you?

Bryan: I’ve been using birds (or references to birds) in my paintings for a long time, and they have taken on different meanings.  Thinking about bird migration, I began painting birds as metaphors for the journey in life we are all on. Over time they have come to represent that and more: a higher state of being, messengers, one’s conscience, a kind of self-portrait, wanderlust, and harbingers.

Megan: How would you categorize your work?

Bryan: That’s a tough one. In addition to experimenting with different media over the years, I’ve also experimented with different styles. However, I would say the newer billboard inspired work would fall somewhere in the Neo-Pop range.

Megan: What’s something interesting about your home state, Minnesota, that people don’t know?

Bryan: Within the first month of relocating here, Minnesota broke the record for the number of tornado touchdowns in a single day. In addition, Minnesota led the record for the most tornado touchdowns in the nation last year.


View Bryan′s art on Thumbtack Press and get the inside scoop by following links to his social network profiles.

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